Holy Grail Tavern (on the Banks)

The Holy Grail Tavern was the first business to open inside the Banks project on... er, the banks.

(You'd think I'd go back and fix awkward sentences like that, but here we are.)

Holy Grail isn't the first of its kind-- it's the third location of the Grail, which I suppose has to keep moving, right?

I visited for lunch, always eager for a new place to eat downtown. (One can even tire of Paula's and Ingredients if one eats there frequently enough.)

We chose a gorgeous, breezy day, so the Holy Grail had its large garage door walls open (think Parker Flats), and though it still smells of sawdust and sounds like construction, it really made the restaurant a great place to be. The tavern is humongous, decked out with TVs (it's a sports bar) on mute (at least for lunch), long bars that could seat 20 people, reservable tables with private taps, and even bar seats right against the open windows. Large and fantastic.

The place was hummin' when we visited, but we had no problem getting a seat. Service was a little slow, but nothing unforgivable. The food was really great for bar food-- I had a turkey burger with swiss and it was juicy and delicious. (Food was a bit pricey-- check the posted menu.) The staff eventually rolled down the garage door because of some intense wind, but the room still felt airy and sunlit.

Holy Grail Tavern website: http://www.holygrailcincy.com/html/home/home.php
Holy Grail on Yelp: http://www.yelp.com/biz/holy-grail-tavern-and-grille-cincinnati-3


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