Dan scores a shout-out in UrbanCincy's CycleCincy write-up!

“It [CycleCincy] all started as a bunch of cyclists and photographers wanting to geek it out, but I think the project also highlights the desire to have a more cycling aware culture in Cincinnati,” says Dan Reid, local cyclist and OTR resident. “I think we’ve all had our share of run-ins with ignorant people in cars and it’s a real shame that people can’t co-exist.”

UrbanCincy: CycleCincy website unites regional bike riders


aultparksunrise.com said...

Heck yeah, thanks for sharing. This project sounds just up my alley. Didn't know about the #cyclecincy hashtag either.

redrabbit said...

Dan talks about it non-stop. :) It sounds like it's shaping up to be an awesome project.

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