Cirque du Soleil: Ovo

Phew! Dan and I had a great time last night at Cirque du Soleil's show Ovo (disclosure: we were given free preview night tickets but reviews were not required). If you read many Cincinnati blogs I'm sure you're seeing a flurry of Cirque-related activity-- seems like everyone was at preview night!

I hope all that blogger/Yelper outreach pays off for them, because Ovo is a great show. I've seen several Cirque shows, but Dan had never seen one, so it was interesting to get dual perspectives.

For me, all the undeniably Cirque elements were present: a fun theme that permeates the entire show (insects!); unbelievable feats of strength, agility and creativity; ethereal live music; jaw-dropping costumes. Dan, on the other hand, didn't really know what to expect, and felt it was more of a circus than he'd come to expect-- he was worried it would be too "weird and artsy," but says it felt very accessible. I think that's a misconception that a lot of people have regarding Cirque-- that it's esoteric, bizarre, not fun. Certainly not the case with Ovo.

I can't tell you my favorite parts because I don't want to spoil the show. There's a magic in never knowing what will come next, and there are definitely some big surprises in Ovo. (I'll say this: the scenery itself is its own character. Holy moly.)

(Sorry for the lack of show-related pictures. Flash photography blinds the trapeze artists, know what I'm sayin'?)

Cirque opens for realsies tomorrow night, and runs through May 8th.
Cirque's Ovo website:


Jecka said...

I had such a good time (being part of the Yelp crew)! It was probably my favorite Cirque show of the 4 I've seen!

redrabbit said...

What was your favorite part, Jecka?

Jecka said...

I loved the crazy crazy tight-rope walker guy. Holy hell, he was ridiculous. The whole time I had my hand over my mouth and probably didn't blink at all.

I also loved the trampolining grasshopper guys.

5chw4r7z said...

Doing a head stand on the unicycle? Now hes just showing off. There was so much good stuff its hard to pick a favorite.

Liesl said...

please have dan call my husband and tell him how much fun this was. i am DYING to see a cirque show when we're in vegas in june but he says "i don't like the circus." boo!

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