Library Day: Mercantile Library and CPL Main Branch

After the Madeira, Norwood and Corryville branches, the last libraries my friends and I visited were the Mercantile Library and Cincinnati Public Library's main branch.

I only snagged this one photo from Mercantile Library-- it's so austere in there, it's not really the kind of place where you whip out your camera! But if you haven't visited this gem inside the Mercantile Center (duh), you really ought to take the opportunity. You don't need to be a member to visit the Mercantile Library, and it's so full of artifacts and history, it's simply amazing.

The remaining three (crappy, iPhone-taken) photos are from the main branch at the Cincinnati Public Library. The library has these stained glass windows peppered throughout the downtown branch, and I'd love to know more about them. Were they in the walls at one point?

This is the view from one of the higher level windows. Embarrassed admission: I'd never moved above the ground floor before "Library Day." Seeing how many open, bright windows and great reading spaces live throughout the library was a big eye-opener for me! I had imagined it'd be a lot more... stuffy upstairs. Oops!

Of course, there are older artifacts in the higher floors of the library. Dan was thrilled to find a card catalog, and we were all excited to tour the "Cincinnati Room," where they house some great local history pieces and changing exhibitions.

We spent hours in the main branch of the Public Library... there is so much there, I'm going to have to go back with the real camera and document more of it. I was overwhelmed to discover more than I'd imagined was housed in the downtown branch! I've been underutilizing this great public resource.

Mercantile Library:
Cincinnati Public Library:


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