Cincinnati Travel, Sports and Boat Show

As we noted over here, we were gifted with a handful of free tickets to the Cincinnati Travel, Sports and Boat Show. We have given a handful of the tickets away (Matt S., let us know how we can get two tickets to you!) and we used a few for ourselves, because we had never been to a boat show before.

Mostly, as we guessed, the boat show was not for us. The layout and feel was similar to the Auto Expo we attended last year, also held at Duke, but there wasn't much to hold my attention. The boat show's target audience seemed to be having a fantastic time, and even around 7pm the place was hopping.

I did get to sit on a scooter, though! Metro Scooter was in attendance, which almost became financially dangerous for me. Some day! ;)

I'm so glad we had an opportunity to tackle something new, and within walking distance from home!

Cincinnati Travel, Sports and Boat Show:


Evan said...

While boats may not be something you and Dan are in to, I would strongly suggest you at least check out the Antique Boat Center on Vine St. (well, Vine st on the west side, but stil....)

The had one of the 5 remaining boats from Moonraker there the last time I went. If for nothing else, you can get a good "No Mr. Bond, I expect you to die" moment.

redrabbit said...

Awesome-- I would LOVE to check that out!!

gjerziemarcaida said...

Love the boat show. Hoping it will not be the last.
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cielle said...

Great event. Hope it would not be the last.

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