Cincinnati Dinner Train

When my agency was looking for a venue for this year's Christmas party, I blindly suggested the Cincinnati Dinner Train. Around 50 of us climbed aboard last week for what ended up being a top-notch celebration.

This train departs from Oakley (near Madison Bowl) and ends up near Sawyer Point with a nice view of the river. The entire ride takes 3 hours, at the end of which I could tell many of us wished there was a bit more time. (Always leave them wanting more.)

They don't prepare the food on the train, so you make your choices when you reserve your place on the train. We rented out a private dining car, but individuals are able to dine on the train as well.

The train was decked out for Christmas-- some of the decoration our agency took care of, but much was done by the Dinner Train. The place looked fantastic-- not overdone in a cheesy way, but understated and vintage.

I originally saved the link for the Cincinnati Dinner Train because I thought it might be a nice Christmas gift for Dan's parents. (Individual tickets are around $70 each, so it's a bit out of my budget for anything but a special occasion.) After riding the train I still think this would be a fantastic gift for anyone who'd enjoy a leisurely dinner in a beautiful train.


VisuaLingual said...

OMG, I'm jealous! I really, really want to do this, but it's got to be very special occasion!

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