Suders Art Store

I needed to visit an art supply store for a couple of the more hands-on Christmas presents I'm working on. Dan thought this would be a great opportunity to visit Suders, which is directly in our backyard (er, parking lot).

What a fantastic store! Suders is packed wall-to-wall with a rich variety of art supplies. Dan, as a student of Miami U's art program, has seen the inside of plenty of art stores in his career, and he seemed truly impressed by the little shop.

I say "little" but this shop is actually quite expansive. The main supply room seems small because it's so full of materials, but there is another room full of easels and the like, as well as a massive back room with work space.

The only problem we had came down to using one of the Gateway Quarter gift cards. These things have been a pain in my arse, if I do say so myself. The problem lies in how infrequently people use them-- ours was the first card that Suders had seen in nine months, so they had trouble activating it. This is not the first time we've run into this inconvenience: Senate does not take them "yet," and Little Mahatma doesn't accept them at all.

But that's hardly Suders' fault. The cashier managed to get it to work finally, and we were in no hurry. I still walked out with an armful of high quality art supplies and a high hope to return soon.

Suders Art Store:


VisuaLingual said...

It's an awesome, awesome place. It's disappointing that you keep having issues with the gift card.

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