Cincinnati Auto Expo

I've never been to a car show. None of my friends or family were gearheads, at least before Dan. When the Expo rolled around, it was kind of a given that Dan and his parents would go... and I guess I'm arm candy?

Yeah so look, there's an engine. I know *nothing* about cars-- I think I know a good amount about a good amount, but cars elude me completely. From what my friend Jordan said, this year's show was really stripped back-- naturally, it has been for a couple of years since the auto industry's heyday came to a grinding halt.

I had a good time, though. The highlight was probably getting to sit inside a new Prius, which had a solar panel on top and a very sci-fi interior. (I know I'm supposed to be drooling over a Maserati or something, but this did it for me.)

I really, really wish the Auto Expo would consult with me about how to make their show more accessible to non-gearheads (and, er, women) like me. I think there are some simple things they could do that would bring an entirely new audience to the show, without having to be tugged in by significant others. I guess that's just the marketer in me talking. Eww.

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VisuaLingual said...

Awesome! I don't even know how to drive, but I went to the Detroit Auto Show once, and it was a crazy-ass experience.

redrabbit said...

I can only imagine! Although today I bet it looks a bit different. Eep.

5chw4r7z said...

I agree with Maya, the Detroit auto show is the she-dizzle with sickazz carz.
Here's the deal, did it have old cars?
Dan's dad didn't tell you a million stories of how him and his buddy wrapped a GOAT around a tree one night while on a bender when they were 17?
No stories from Dan's mom about going to the prom in a souped up Impala?
you kids have no idea about how awesome it was to own a car back in the day.
Way back in the nineteen hundred and eigthies, yeah them were the days..........

redrabbit said...

I hear stories like that from Dan's parents (and from Dan) on any given day. The Expo was no different.

There were a few old, vintagey cars there. I tend to love them.

5chw4r7z said...

COOL, thats the best part of car shows for me, all the stories.
Well that and awesome cars. I'm still a gearhead, but don't think about them as much as I used too, but I still get just as excited when I see something cool.

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